10 proofs that horse life is better than ours

White Horse on Green Grass
Have you ever wondered what life as a steed could be like? presumably not. Because if you had, you would know how much better it can be than ours! Anyway, we did it, and we gathered the substantiation

He has manicure and pedicure more frequently

Who can boast of having a manicure/ pedicure done at home every month, in addition to having new and custom-made shoes put on? Come on, be honest no bone , cavalier ornon-cavalier for that matter

Massages and osteoarthritis too

There are lucky nags who are entitled to relaxing massages and osteoarthritis for their little bones. And you, when was your last massage session? That is what we allowed

He always gets complaints about
And yes, it’s always the same, when we riders make freshman miscalculations, it’s a poor steed. But also when Sir or Madam decided that it was not his day. We noway complain about the poor rider, it’s inescapably his fault! Are you serious?

He has his own motorist

The least we can say is that he travels in first class. When we go for a walk, it’s a motoristunlimited food, a drink break, and relaxation every 3 hours. And all for free of course! No reason to complain about a steed‘s life being easier!

Its outfit is knitter-made

And you, when was the last time she visited the knitter for the dimension? And the last time you slammed,000 balls for a piece of laundry? Hey yeah, in the meantime you are fucking your pins with thrills that are too small

Who says steed life says better food

We are always trying to get him the most stylish food possible, while we are eating pasta to pay for his pension at the equestrian centerCome on, when he is full of sleep he lets us eat 2 or 3 carrots, is not that okay?

He is got nothing

It’s well known, in steed riding, it’s the steed that does everything! The dressing, the boxes. And of course, we no way hurt anywhere after a defile training course!

He has a dressing room of phew

We’ve formerly talked about the knitter and the knitter-made, but there’s still everything different. The accessoriesChoice of materialcolor, and shapenothing is too beautiful to equip your steed. And meanwhile, we’re looking forward to the deals!

The size of the accommodation
When the stable is bigger than the house, there’s no longer any mistrustfulness, it’s that the life of a steed is more beautiful than that of a rider! And if we take a near look, between his pension and our rent, there isn’t so important difference. Yeah, being a landlord is a bit of a ruin

Home beauty salon

Always the same ritual before going out in public! Hours of coddling, mowing, and hairdressing. Hours of fun for him( but yes he likes it), perhaps lower for us!

Okay, there may be some nuances to bring. They do not each have a good life, and ours is presumably more beautiful because we’ve him. But hey, we still have a lot of reasons to detest our nags!

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