5 tips to make a nice little stable at home

A nice little stable, when you have one or more horses at home, is very very nice. It’s part of the happiness of having your horse nearby. So it is important to have a few ideas in mind, in order to make it functional and pleasant, both for the horse and for the rider.

Small and pretty

A nice little stable is, as its name suggests, a very small structure. It has a shelter or a box, sometimes several, and a little space to frolic. There may be a very small career to work a little flat and possibly some small obstacles.

Perfect for the recreational rider, this kind of installation is not suitable for fans of high-level competition or followers of getting in the saddle. Depending on the financial means, slightly more substantial installations are also possible, while remaining nice of course!
The essential thing is that the horse feels good there. For this, it is necessary to make plans beforehand and to imagine on the spot what it gives.

The trick is to get inspiration from friends or from other people’s stables. You can also be inspired by cool places seen on the internet, catalogs, or even the Schleich or Playmobil stables of the neighbors’ children. And why not your own figurines when you were kids?


The recreational rider, non-professional, looks like this guy who works on weekdays and spends all his money on weekends on the horse. He needs a functional place. He must be able to treat his horse before leaving for work in the morning while avoiding getting too dirty on the carpet in the entrance hall of the office.

And in the evening, he needs light, especially in winter when night falls quickly, or when he wants to make his Caramel his favorite taste buds, late, very late. The hay is nearby, sometimes in a juxtaposed shelter, which allows easy distribution. Another shelter allows you to park the van or the truck, because of course he walks a lot.

The trick is to put toys for your horse. For example, a small radio with a little music can enhance the atmosphere, it seems that the horses love it!


The comfort of a nice little stable does not necessarily translate into the softness of the walls of the padded boxes. The horse must be able to gallop at will in a substantial space.

The legend speaks of one hectare per horse, but if we consider that he is fed otherwise than with just the grass of his meadow, his paddock may be smaller. In his shelter or his box, he can take shelter from the wind and the rain, but also a little from the flies in summer.

He has access to his food, and water at will. Congeners save him from boredom, they can be animals of different species. A small shower area is very appreciated, especially in summer.

The trick is to invent devices so that he finds his food after a desensitization exercise, for example, hay at the end of a tarpaulin corridor.

To make your life easier

group of horse eating hay
There are solutions to make your life easier and age well, so you might as well take advantage of them! The nice little stable can easily be arranged in this direction. So to give the hay easily while avoiding waste, it is enough to install a rack or a large hay net at height.

And to save time to put water, automatic drinkers are very practical, except in winter when the frost takes its toll. In this case, a large piece of wood placed in a large water tank helps to avoid the formation of ice.

Another tip is to use a swimming pool filter in the form of a landing net to remove the slime or the particles on the surface of its water tank.


A small stable is easily noticed by its personalized look. A few ornamental plants, a pretty fence, a lick of paint, or western-style barriers will embellish the land and give the original and nice touch. And why not paint a window or a trompe l’oeil on one side of the shelter?

Another tip, it is also possible to invent why not a logo and have fun putting it everywhere. Clothes, bags, van, it’s funny to be proud of your little stable!

And if you feel cramped in a small stable, opt for large structures or equestrian centers, it’s nice too!

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