9 signs that cats dislike their owner

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Some people may deal with cats in an incorrect way that serves to psychologically harm them and thus worsen their psychological state. Do cats really hate their owner are there signs that cats dislike their owner and; indeed, do not have love and affection for him? Cats are absolutely not inclined to hate their owner, but they, just like humans, feel and feel the affection and Love directed at them. In the case of neglecting it and dealing with it calmly, the cat will get frustrated and then fret and fold away from its owner and not want to play with him at all.

Cats are pets, very calm, love their owners, and do not take the initiative to harm them at all. But sometimes she may show signs and signs of dislike of cats for her owner and therefore be upset with him. As such, its owner deals with it without sufficient awareness and awareness of those signs. And in the meantime today we will highlight those signs with how to properly deal with angry cats.

Signs of dislike of cats for their owner
In fact, cats by nature show what is inside towards their owners as a result of their aggressive behavior and shaky character. In addition to the behavior produced by the body, breeders may already deal with their cat spontaneously and thus issue some bad habits from their cats.

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The most prominent signs of a cat’s dislike for its owner
Above all cats are very familiar animals and always love fun and pleasure and prefer to play with their owner. As such, she prefers that her owner takes care of her and then provides her with all her requirements, such as ignoring her will get anger, aggressiveness, and wrong behavior. At that time, she shows signs of disliking cats to her owner, and most likely they are each of the following:

First: do your bit.
This is one of the aggressive behavior that cats follow towards their breeder because they feel resentment and anger at him. Moreover, she scratches hard, making a loud sound to him.

Secondly: unwillingness to sit with you.
The cat treats many people with kindness, except for her owner, she always ignores him and does not want him.
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Thirdly, she seeks to hide from you.
In the event that you come home, your cat immediately goes to another place because she does not want to see you and does not want to sit with you. In addition, she is sad and depressed, and sometimes her appetite may decrease from eating the food she prefers.

Fourth: pupil dilation.
During the anger of cats from their breeder she does not want to look at him at all and in case of this, she angrily stares into his eyes. Most importantly, the eye takes a rounded shape with the emotionality of facial expressions and then the tail stops up.

Fifth: urinating on the things that belong to you.
Cats seek revenge on you and hope to sabotage the necessary things of their owner. For example, she urinates and sprays her urine on your things and possessions.

Sixth: horizontal position of the tail.

Seventh: fluff the fur.

Eighth: making a hissing or purring sound.

Ninth: she does not want to approach you completely.

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Why do cats hate their owner?
There are some things that cat owners do that force their cats to hate them and therefore not want to deal with them. In order to avoid these things and not do them, they will be listed in detail, namely::

Caring for some other animal makes her jealous of her owner and in the meantime, she gets angry with him and does not want him.
Excessive shouting or violence directed at her, especially during training or races.
The passive upbringing of cats while learning modern habits and behaviors. For example, while trying new things such as bathroom training or changing the sleeping place, living room, etc.
Experiencing some trauma such as the loss of a lover, owner, or an animal that was raised with your cat.
The unwillingness of its owner to play, sit with her or spend a dedicated part of the day with them.
Don’t get excited about food and don’t want to eat it, especially the food you like.
Holding her like a baby makes her feel constrained and unable to move and sometimes she starts hating you.
Don’t imitate her meow or anything.
These reasons literally help the cat to hate its owner and then avoid him, and this means that signs of cats hating their owner appears on it.

How to deal with the aggressiveness of cats
Although there are several signs of cats hating their owner, there are some things that need to be done to avoid that hatred. All you have to do is do these tips to be in love with cats a second time, all you have to do is follow these steps:

In the beginning, you have to morally stimulate the life of cats and likewise give them some rewards by offering them some things that you prefer.
Pay attention to the food you prefer with the increase of dry food, dried and canned food that you like.
Use with her the style of Medicine and pampering, being careful not to shout.
Take care to take your cat to entertainment venues and spacious parks to play and run in public places. And certainly, the depressive state experienced by your cat will be overcome and then his psyche will improve for the better.

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