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Dogs and cats: enemies or friends

Dogs and cats: enemies or friends
We all know the expression: ” to be like a cat and a dog ” to designate two completely different people, who do not meet together at all.

grey tabby cat beside short-coat brown and white dog

In fact, a dog and a cat are not bitter enemies, they are often depicted in the collective imagination, and they can even become good friends! It is enough to know the characteristics that distinguish the two species and thus take some precautions.

Dog vs Cat
First of all, in fact, we must realize that dogs and cats are completely different animals, both in origin and in character.

A dog is defined as a social animal that is related to the herd, therefore it is subject to the hierarchy. In fact, it is normal that it leads to tie the leader of the group to his master and that is why he will always be instructed to follow his instructions.

Rather, a cat is a very territorial animal, famous for its individuality and individuality.

Dogs and cats have two different ways of communicating
Each of our furry friends communicates through body language. However, one and the same behavior can also have opposite meanings, depending on who adopts it …

– Tail: if the cat approaches with a straight tail it means that it is well-groomed towards us, while the same posture in the dog is synonymous with dominance and courage. On the other hand, when waving the tail at the dog is a sign of happiness and showing affection, but if the cat does the same it is better to stay away from him because he wants to convey that. He’s nervous …

– Ears: if the cat keeps its ears down and back, it means that it is really angry! While the same movement for a dog is a sign of fun.

A dog and a cat are two completely different animals … and for a healthy coexistence, you need to know how to make a cat and a dog get along well together at home. Here are some suggestions.

Respect the spaces for our four-legged friends
Respect and management of dog and cat spaces it is the basis to ensure a peaceful and calm relationship. Each animal breeder should have his own dogs, his own food bowls, and his own toys. Neither of them should feel violated in their own spaces, so as to preserve their freedom.

After that, the cat needs to control the territory, sometimes it is “left alone”, it should be able to get to the high spaces in the house (shelves, shelves, shelves) so that it can take refuge and observe everything from above so that to protect their individuality and escape from the sometimes unwanted attention of the dog.

Dog and cat together like puppies
The easiest way to get a good coexistence right away is to adopt the two furry friends when both are still puppies. In this way, a beautiful bond of brotherly friendship will arise in a spontaneous and natural way. In this case, the play factor will be the key to allowing them to get to know each other … and love each other!

For our part, while playing, we must be careful not to interfere in favor of one or the other, so as not to immediately arouse jealousy and allow our dogs to explore each other freely.

The role of the owner in the coexistence of a dog and a cat
Peaceful and friendly coexistence is possible even if the two fur roommates know each other as adults. If it is true that a good relationship depends a lot on the personality of each animal, it is also true that the role of the owner in these cases is crucial. In fact, it is important, at least at first, to be present and observe the behavior of our four-legged friends in order to avoid aggressive situations from both sides. Another key element is to reward positive behaviors and discourage negative ones, diverting the attention of the annoyed animal to something that can attract his attention. In addition, it is important to treat family individuals equally, to make them feel equally loved and welcomed.

shallow focus photography of dog and cat

It should be borne in mind that a new cat or dog in the house, in addition to cheerfulness and tenderness, will also make significant changes in the daily routine of the family. It is important to be aware of this and gradually adopt the introduction of the newcomer, without disturbing the habits of the animal that we already had.

The same if we want to take a dog but we already have one: we must be good at welcoming another dog into the house, without causing problems for the friend who is already there!

Take a few small precautions, having a dog and a cat who love each other at home will be one of the most beautiful experiences you can have!

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