How to train small dogs to obedience

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At the beginning of our article, we will make sure to list all the steps that enable you to train small dogs to obey well. Because dogs by nature need special handling in order to listen to your commands and work on their implementation to your satisfaction. It is known that dogs are distinguished by loyalty and devotion to their owners and always seek to protect them from the dangers that may be inflicted on them.

Obedience training of small dogs
During your initiative to acquire a small puppy, you need to know exactly how to properly raise him to avoid any of the consequences. Dogs are very sensitive animals and need a lot and a lot of affection and tenderness therefore avoid yelling at them and violence. In the meantime, he obeys you in all the directions and commands to be followed by obedience training for small dogs.

In fact, there are many different breeds of small dogs, in addition to the variety of qualities and sizes they have. But in the end, they are similar in one thing: loyalty to their owner and, in the same context, obedience to him in all things. A dog, like a human, feels safe or afraid, so it is advisable to follow a constructive approach with him, and as such he will enjoy tranquility and stability with you and thus protect you and protect your home.

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How to train small dogs to obedience
Training small dogs to obey is not easy at all, but you need some instructions for the craft at work. As a result, you actually have to work with the tips that are mentioned in our article in order to ensure that your puppy obeys you. Because small dogs are not easy to train because they are unfamiliar with certain behavior, all you have to do is do the following steps:

First of all, you should follow an appropriate training style and enjoy tact in talking while being careful to avoid yelling at your little puppy. Yelling at him brings him complete panic, which forces him to be aggressive and then not to listen to you wherever you do to him.
Be patient, persistent, and continuous in training without boredom so that the dog feels safe and in the meantime skilled in training and learning with ease.
In the meantime, you can train in the morning before the hot sun rises from eight to ten in the morning. In addition to that you can also train in the last third of the day right after the afternoon until sunset time. The most important thing is to train your puppy at a young age so that he assimilates quickly, for example, from the beginning of the age of two months immediately after the weaning period.
Make a daily commitment to training your dog so that his mind is not distracted, moreover, you are keen on a quick result.

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It is always better that while your dog is learning some different skills or directions, you reward him with some prize. This is in the hope of renewing energy and activity for him and motivating him to hear your orders, and in the same context, avoiding boredom from exercising on a daily basis and positive reinforcement for him.
While training the dog, call him by his own name with the possibility of putting some words during the command. Similarly (take, Come, walk, play, run, sit, stand… And so on) while making sure that the tone of the voice is clear and raised during the call to him in order to hear you and thus follow your orders.


Due exercises for small dogs
There are some due pieces of training to teach the little puppy some different habits and behaviors for a safe and stable life. And for you, because of the cleanliness of dogs, hygienic and behavioral habits are for them to enjoy health and therefore an attractive shape. In short, apart from training small dogs to obey, there are some other exercises, which are each of the following:

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Training on non-biting and ferocity.
Sometimes we need to teach the dog the technique of ferocity for the fact that he protects himself from dangers while protecting the house and its owner. But it may take for your dog to do some of his owners, then you have to follow a special style with him. For example, you immediately stop training and then punish your dog and not talk to him for a while. When the command is repeated, punish it a second time so that your dog stops biting you later.

Litter box training and defecation.
Teaching a dog to enter the bathroom is an intractable thing that requires a lot of training and therefore attendance. First of all, it requires some simple tools, such as a litter box with good quality sand, in addition to sterilizing tools for its hygiene. With the continuation, your dog will hope to relieve himself in the designated place, and in the meantime, you can reward him and give him a prize that he likes, in addition to allocating time to sit and play with him.

Sitting training.
The dog breeder should provide a comfortable neck collar so that you can move the dog. For example, instruct your puppy to sit down by ordering him to retire on the floor and in the same vein move him down with the pendant. With constant experimentation, your dog will get used to sitting alone while being called immediately.

Recall training.
One of the most necessary exercises in the life of every puppy because it is related to all other exercises. With this exercise, you will be able to impose all commands and instructions on your dog in the same way (come, stand, sit, wait at the door, etc.). And most of all, in case of calling your dog, you need to raise your voice and avoid its lightness so that your dog hears you quite clearly.

Handshake training.
This exercise is one of the simplest and most obvious and therefore the puppy immediately assimilates it. Moreover, he enables him to shake hands with strangers while coming to him and then make new friends with them. All you have to do is grab the puppy’s right hand and gently lift it up while chanting the word (hello or hello) and with repetition, the dog will learn it with ease.

Sleep training.
Sleep is one of the healthy habits of all pets because it gives them rest, clears the mind, and then Health. Therefore, care must be taken to organize sleep schedules for the dog with training on his command to sleep. For example, call your dog to sit on the floor and lie down on it by pressing his ass with the mention of the word (sleep). Moreover, massage the dog’s fur and sit with him briefly in order for him to feel safe and happy and as such listen to your commands and fall asleep immediately.

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