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How to write a marketing ad that increases your sales?

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Due to the intensification of competition between companies Day by day, it became necessary to use professional techniques to promote various products and convince the consumer to buy. As Bill Gates said that “Content is King,” writing a marketing ad is one of the most important methods you can use to increase your sales. So how can you write a marketing ad professionally?
What is copywriting copywriting
Copywriting means the drafting of texts used for direct sales, and they can be displayed in various channels in more than one form, whether written in blogs or on social media, in the form of podcasts, or even in videos, etc.

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What is the importance of copywriting
The importance of copywriting is represented by the following points:

1. Increase the audience’s response to the call for action in the content
Invitations to action are an essential part of marketing content, whether they are sales invitations, such as persuading the user to buy the products or services that you sell, or various marketing invitations, such as encouraging users to subscribe to mailings, or download a specific brochure.

Writing a marketing ad for your content increases the audience’s response to calls for action, as the ad will convince them of what you offer, and motivate them to carry out the action.

2. Improve sales
If you are selling a product or service of the highest quality, your customers have no way of knowing this except through the advertising texts that you use to promote what you are selling. So, using the right copywriting strategies, you can motivate your customers to make purchasing decisions, thereby improving sales in your company.

By writing a professional ad, you will give your customers compelling reasons to buy, and make it easier for them to understand your products and services, and what advantages Donna offers over other competitors.

3. Building relationships with the public
Copywriting is mainly aimed at achieving sales, but nevertheless, it is an important way to build relationships with your audience and build trust in your project. The right copywriting is the one that does not look like attempts to sell, or force the customer to buy. Rather, your content shows that you care about your customers, help them solve their problems, get rid of their pain points, deal with the challenges they are going through, and thus build a good relationship with your audience.

Is there a difference between copywriting and content marketing?

Many people confuse copywriting and content marketing, thinking that they are one thing. But this is not true, the main purpose of copywriting is to increase sales for your company through existing customers, while content marketing targets the presence of new customers, by following the person at all stages he goes through until he makes a purchase decision.

The content marketing strategy is mainly based on the theory of marketing repression, which assumes that the client goes through a set of stages to become a potential client of the company, starting from his awareness of the existence of your brand, and ending with him feeling loyalty to the company and defending its products.

To reach this stage different strategies are used such as blog content or case studies, videos or informative guides help. In this strategy, the content introduces the reader to useful knowledge and information or helps him acquire new skills so that he becomes a potential client of the company.

For example, if your company specializes in selling cameras, you can make a simple introductory guide that will help the reader learn the steps of shooting professionally, or make a series of articles in which you talk about different types of cameras. The more you succeed in providing a person with benefits, the more chances he will become aware of your presence and go through the various stages in the marketing funnel.

So, simply put, content marketing aims to gather as many potential customers as possible and turn them into actual customers of your company, by enhancing their awareness of your brand and increasing their trust in it. While writing an ad focuses on convincing them to buy your product and increasing sales by inviting them to take action directly.

Types of copywriting
Types of copywriting vary depending on the type of written content, and the platform used in the sales process.

One of the most important types of copywriting:

1. Social Media Copywriting social media ads
Social media marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies used by companies, and among the methods of using it is copywriting. Advertising on social media sites achieves different goals, but does not depart from two basic frameworks:

Achieve direct sales: write promotional ads that encourage the audience to make buying decisions directly from social media sites.
Redirect users to other pages: an ad can be written in order to direct the audience to a sales page outside social networking sites, to the company’s online store, for example, as purchases are made there.
Most often, advertising texts on social networking sites are characterized by being as short and concise as possible, to facilitate the response of customers to them and the implementation of the targeted action.

2. Writing promotional ads for the Brand Copywriting brand
Writing a promotional advertisement for your brand is characterized by the fact that it aims to increase awareness of the existence of your project, rather than focusing on making sales at the moment. The content of the advertisement is mainly focused on attracting the audience to your project, finding out what you offer, and making a positive impression about you.

Writing brand advertising involves focusing on conveying the values that the project espouses, expressing them in a sensational way. One of the most important steps in writing this type of advertising is to write the logo for your project Slogan, to contribute to attracting customers to your project actually.

3. Email advertising Email Copywriting
E-mail is used as an important promotional tool, it gives you an opportunity to personally communicate with your customers, flyers, and mailings can be customized, so that the client feels as if they were written specifically for him. So, you can write an e-mail marketing announcement, offering your customers an offer and convincing them to perform a certain action, such as buying from your project.

4. Writing SEO copywriting ads
Content written according to the rules of search engines is known to be an essential part of content marketing, it is focused on delivering real value to the audience. But in fact, its role is not limited to this, but it can be used to achieve sales as well.

This content is based on the principle of user intent, and one of the types of user intent is commercial intent, in which the audience seeks to complete purchases. Thus, it is possible to create complete content directed to this intention by keyword and use it to achieve sales.

5. Writing product advertisements Product copywriting
The dependence on electronic stores as a means of selling and promoting products has increased. So, it became required to write content describing the products sold by the online store, which is one of the types of copywriting. This type focuses on highlighting the features present in the product, and how they contribute to satisfying the needs of customers and convincing them to buy it.

6. Copywriting of sponsored ads Ad copywriting
For example, you can use social networking sites to implement your funded advertising campaigns or rely on Search Engine Marketing. What they have in common is the need for an advertising text that can be used in advertising, most often it is short content and has specific conditions depending on the advertising platform and its type.

7. Writing ads for websites Website Copywriting
The advertising texts that can be used on the site vary, but they all agree that they occur within the site, whether the original content of its main pages or the content of landing Pages, as well as any other content that appears to users, such as Pop-Up Windows that appear to customers with various marketing and promotional messages, such as inviting them to subscribe to the newsletter.

8. Specialized technical copywriting copywriting
Specialized copywriting focuses on the sale of complex technical products, which must be easily explained to customers, to understand how they work and how to benefit from them, to help the client know if he really needs to buy them or not.

An announcement can be written with the main purpose of simplifying the terminology and presenting it in an easy way, so that the audience can understand and understand it, thereby facilitating the decision-making process for them. Specialized copywriting can take several forms, such as writing the content of the white papers whitepaper, which are attached to the products to facilitate their understanding

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