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How do we raise our sites with SEO search engines and what factors help them appear in the first results?

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With the increasing importance of search engines in recent times, it has become a common question How to raise our sites with SEO search engines that play a vital role in increasing website traffic by improving the ranking of website results, gaining the trust of more customers, contributing to the growth of sites, and other advantages, so we learn important tips to top your site in the first search results.

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Do you know what is the best search engine ever?
The search engine is a big challenge for websites, so it is necessary to take into account the criteria of SEO search engines in order to help to appear in the first results, and we explain the list of the best search engines as follows:

Google Drive:
Google is considered the best search engine in the world, which has gained great popularity reaching 80% of the market share, and also captured about 95% of smartphone traffic, and Google provides a lot of services that meet all the needs of users.

Bing engine:
The Bing engine is the strongest competitor to the Google engine, it is characterized by fast performance, it is owned by Microsoft, and it also displays search results with high quality.

Baidu search engine:
The Baidu engine has been widely used in China by Baidu, one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence services companies.

Yahoo drive:
Yahoo’s search engine has taken a big place, and it has also recently become a subsidiary of Microsoft, controlling about 3% of the search market share in the world.

Yandex drive:
The Yandex search engine was ranked fifth in the list of the best types of search engines, and it is also the first engine in Russia, it is widely used in Turkey, Kazakhstan, provides instant translation and many other services.

What is SEO SEO Is it important to raise sites with search engines?:
SEO is one of the most important digital means that allows the development of websites based on many criteria, which in turn helps to improve the ranking of the results of the appearance of the website in the search, which helps to increase traffic, as we explain the importance of SEO during the following points:

SEO helps to improve the user experience by understanding the behavior of users and working to meet their needs, which contributes to gaining their trust.
Improve the appearance of the site in front of visitors, as the higher you get a higher ranking, the much better this is for your site, and it also increases the rate of visits.
Get free visits compared to other types of electronic marketing that need to be paid for to conduct marketing campaigns.
Enhancing brand awareness through your constant appearance in front of your customers helps to promote the brand of your activity all the time.
Overcoming competitors through SEO strategies, you will get acquainted with competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses that help in outperforming them.
Gain the trust of potential customers and retain existing customers, which increases the volume of customers in your activity.
And now:

how to raise our sites with SEO search engines? What factors help with this?:
If you have a distinctive business but others do not know it, what is the use of it, so it is necessary to promote what you offer on the widest scale, and given the digital development that we have become living, the trend towards website design and attention to search engine optimization are important means to increase traffic and increase sales, now we learn how to raise our sites:

  • Create high-quality content, the higher the quality of the content you provide on your site, the more it will attract the attention of visitors to the site, especially with the provision of useful information of interest to visitors.
  • Keep updating your activity on the site, and not to lose sight of it, so as to increase the chance of its rise in the first search results, for example, publish articles every day as much as possible to get quick results.
  • Take care of providing the keywords that visitors are looking for to be distributed in the main title and some side titles, as well as your content on the site.
  • Use content management systems there are many systems available, including WordPress, which has achieved great popularity for its many advantages, including free, multilingual, as well as flexible and easy to use for many people.
  • Linking your website to social networking sites that help it appear on the widest scale.
  • Build backlinks to your site, but be sure to use them correctly so as not to negatively affect your site

What are the stages of site configuration for search engines that help to raise the site in the first results?:

If you have a website and you want to appear in the first results and increase the amount of investment, profit and promotion of your products, you just need to follow some of the following steps:

  • Designing the site in accordance with search engines and easy indexing of web pages, to get the best ranking among other websites, not blocking any page from search engine crawlers, reducing dependence on the JavaScript language, and designing a site compatible with smartphones.
  • Develop the site content so that it meets the needs of visitors and meets the needs, content is the king, it helps to increase the number of visitors to your site and earn their trust, you need to choose target words that have to do with your site, placing them in the site pages and description, as well as paragraph headings, using synonyms of target search words.
  • Provide the best user experience and provide him with everything he is looking for inside your site in an easy way so that you can earn his trust, pay attention to the speed of loading the site so that the user does not feel bored, and facilitate the transition process within the site.
  • Also, develop a strategy for building External links to the site, which relies on external parties that are linked to your site in order to help it appear in search results.
  • Checking the site on an ongoing basis that helps to improve the performance of the website, discovering weaknesses and working to strengthen and improve them, you can also rely on many tools to review the site.
  • Use performance metrics that contribute to improving the level of websites for search engines, including measuring the number of visits to your site, the click-through rate, what is the bounce rate, the visit rate.

Here are 6 tips to make your site stand out so that it tops the first results of search engines:
Websites have become one of the effective means of promoting various products and services at the local and global level, but the site needs to appear in the first search results in order for the largest number of visitors to see it, so we offer you some tips to help your site to issue the first search results, which are as follows:

  • Use keywords in the right places for them on the site, as well as the number of times these words in the content should be placed in the title URL and in the side headings.
  • Make sure that the user stays inside your site for as long as possible, by providing attractive content that is easy for all visitors.
  • Delete pages that do not bring visitors to your site in order to negatively affect it.
    Be sure to provide high-quality videos and photos, as well as podcasts, as they are one of the ways that help increase traffic to your site.
  • Updating old pages does not depend on just publishing new articles, but develop the site to keep up with modern times.

Is it possible to raise your site in the first results of search engines without using an SEO specialist?:
SEO includes many digital tools and strategies that are relied on so that search engines are optimized for websites and their appearance in or results for visitors, and this is not as easy as many people think, so it is necessary to deal with the best SEO companies that have experience in this field, and mediahist has won the trust of many people because it provides the best SEO services that are characterized by professionalism:

  • Study websites, analyze competitors and identify strengths and weaknesses.
    Search for relevant keywords for each business.
  • Build backlinks to strengthen websites and get rid of harmful links to the site.
  • Repairing and developing websites and removing Google penalties.
  • Create a complete elements strategy to increase the ranking of the results of the appearance of sites.
  • Analyze the performance of sites and provide periodic reports.

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