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Why is influencer marketing the best marketing method today?

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Written by booothdark

Here are more than 10 reasons why every company and brand should immediately start adding influencers:

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1-because they make a sales movement:
Influencers make big sales movements, which is why many companies and brands are turning to this type of marketing because from the first moment the influencer starts talking about a product or service, a sales movement begins as a result. Depending on the influencer’s channel and the length of the campaign, the movement starts immediately and is either instantaneous at once or distributed over several weeks.

2-because they make content:
The Kings of content are the influencers, you see them producing post after post and with very high quality. And we can basically look at them as content-making machines, and this is good for brands for several reasons: firstly because they are good at it, and secondly because they can create content for your product based on users and followers that you will be able to use later on your platform. But remember that you do not own all the content when working with influencers and therefore you cannot use, share, edit, or publish it without their permission or consent, except that the content that the influencers produced in partnership with you has the right to use it and the influencers do not have the right to delete it only with your permission, as stipulated by the labor laws at Dolphinus.

3-because They make people aware of your brand:

Influencers are the link between a brand and its awareness in the market! It’s true that influencers create sales traffic and give you a list of potential customers, but the brand awareness they build is unmatched in traditional marketing and PR strategies. Visibility and brand awareness are very important in today’s saturated retail and e-commerce space, therefore the more brand awareness the better it will be for you and your brand.

4-because their voice is trusted by people:

Did you know that consumers trust their consumer peers more than the brand Your partnership with an influencer to get your brand message across will be 100% successful, that’s just why it’s time to put aside all traditional marketing methods and let influencer marketing lead the way.

5-because they have power and influence:

84% of consumers make a purchase of a product or service after they read about it on related blogs and social pages, which means almost 9 in 10 people!! Are you imagining the magnitude of the impact and why we don’t call them “influencers” out of the Blue?”

6-because they sew a large network of relationships:
Influencers build a network of relationships between their followers and your brand, and without the intermediary-the influencer – it will be difficult to build these relationships, they save a lot of time on companies and brands.

7-because they are good at communicating:
Influencers live and breathe in the digital space, and because they have built their own empire in this space, they have developed a social communication talent in it therefore they will be excellent at communicating and expressing the brand’s vision and message in a way that motivates their followers to interact and communicate.

8-because they can talk about you:
Before influencers can build a relationship between your brand and their followers, they need to make some introductions. No one likes people to talk about themselves, therefore, humble yourself and let someone else speak for you (of course, influencers should believe in your brand first and believe in its value).

9-because they can direct traffic to your site (Traffic):
Increasing the number of visits to your website, online store, and social channels is very important because it means that consumers have entered the sales funnel and interacted with the brand. This is perhaps one of the highest goals of all marketing strategies today. therefore, cooperation with influencers can lead to an increase in the number of visits to your website and thus increase the conversion rate of potential customers.

10-because they turn potential customers into customers:

If you think of “leads” as real customers, influencers are a key element in converting leads into a sales funnel. From the moment the consumer/potential customer sees your product on the page of an influencer, he will start thinking about what that product will look like in his life, at this point, the product will be in the consumer’s/potential customer’s head, and it will be very easy to turn it into a customer who buys at a continuous pace.

11-because they give brands access to their target markets:

Influencers have a very high ability to target the same demographic, which brands can take advantage of if they are smart enough. Our advice Work with influencers around you, because they have undoubtedly loyal followers who are interested in this topic, which is mainly your target market.

12-because they have transparency in dealing:
One of the greatest qualities of influencers is transparency. You will find them honest if they receive a product as a gift or if they are paid to promote a product. You will also find them trustworthy when it comes to working with brands because they will reject any offer or opportunity that does not suit them and does not suit their audience, and this is not bad, because it means that you will only work with influencers who support your vision and brand vision, so if an influencer refuses to work with you, please understand and support him in that and then go in search of a better and more suitable influencer for you.

13-because they promote SEO :
Just as influencers direct traffic to your website, to your e-store, and to social networking sites, they will help boost your SEO and support your online presence, and although social posts are not directly related to the Google ranking algorithm, they are very helpful as signals of your popularity, in addition, blog links that lead to your website are very useful and direct backlinks.

14-because they increase the number of your followers on social networking sites:

Always be sure to put a link to your brand in all activities of your cooperation with influencers so that your platforms receive some benefits from the campaign, it is true that the results may sometimes, but definitely worth the wait.


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