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Video marketing to increase sales and multiply profits

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What is video marketing?:
It is a means of digital marketing, which many startups and large companies rely on now due to its importance in the world of online marketing.
It is a means of content marketing, but in a visual form, where it is called visual content.

The importance of using the video element in marketing strategies came as a result of the increase in viewing and interaction rates that have increased in the recent period.

This does not apply only to the YouTube platform, just the idea of videos sweeping all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

The idea of the video is not limited to the delivery of several images, as the topic has expanded to include music, information, vocal performance, and others.

You should also set the appropriate goal for making that video and work to achieve that goal in the video so that it reaches the client well and as you wish.

As for the content itself inside the video, it must be valuable, attractive, and carry some message, whether it is promotional or financial.

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The reasons for using video in your business project:

  • Videos contribute to improving SEO and search engines for a website.
  • Increased interest in videos in the recent period and increasing their popularity day by day.
  • Rely on videos as a tool of credibility in dealing with the audience, to get their trust towards your brand.
  • Increase the likelihood of customers making a purchase decision after watching a promotional video for the product, company, or service you offer.
  • Enhance the commercial image that the client sees you through, through the content that you provide with the video, whether it is promotional, to solve a problem, or even entertaining.
  • Many customers love the pleasure of watching visual content in general, whether it is educational, promotional, or entertainment.

The benefits of using video in the marketing process:

  • Visual content is considered one of the most widespread and popular types of content than other types.
  • Increased sales as a result of rapid deployment.
  • Build your own brand.
  • Increase the established percentage of opportunities while attracting new customers to your brand.
  • Build trust between the brand and the customer.
  • If you rely on the video mode of your website, one of its most important advantages is to increase visitor traffic on the site.
  • In addition, you can achieve first positions in the pages of Google’s search engines.
  • According to the latest statistics, the percentage of sharing videos on various social media platforms is increasing, unlike written content such as articles or even photos.

Why your business needs a video marketing idea?:
The benefits of video marketing are numerous, but why would your business need this type of marketing now?

  • Promotion using YouTube clips is one of the shortest ways that can contribute to enhancing the building of your brand and spreading it to the target audience.
  • Videos contribute significantly to the customer’s purchasing decisions.
  • Videos also contribute to increasing the number of target audiences, by turning the customer from just a viewer of the video to a customer who is loyal to the product or service you offer.
  • Also, be sure to choose the type of content you are trying to provide through the video, whether is it educational or entertaining, and so on.

Types of video marketing:
Where there are many types of promotional videos, and we mention the most prominent of them:

Promotional clips of the company Brand Videos: in order to clarify the history of the company, its features, its multiple products, and so on.
Educational videos: demonstrate educational materials for a specific category of audience for the purpose of Education.
Expert interviews: by conducting a dialogue for a certain time, where the discussion takes place between the interlocutor and the expert in his field.
Live broadcast interviews Live Videos: where there is a dialogue and a live broadcast for the audience to discuss a topic.
Event videos: they are generally based on coverage of important conferences and events.
There are a lot of genres for video genres, but those genres were the most prominent.

The most important terms and definitions of the term and word advertising:
Before clarifying the most important types of advertising on the YouTube platform, we must list some important points, such as:

1-the meaning of the term advertising: advertising is one of the marketing strategies, one of the most important goals of which is to influence the target audience to make serious decisions about the purchase process.
Advertising is used in many areas to promote a product and communicate a certain message to the audience, depending on the company’s stated goals.

2-the difference between the concept of marketing and advertising: as we explained in the previous definition of advertising is an important part of the marketing process.

While the concept of the marketing process is several stages that are implemented through certain strategies to reach the goals set by the company in its marketing campaigns.

3-basic elements to make an ad: there are several elements that must be followed when making an ad, whether it is traditional ads such as TV or digital ads such as social media platforms.

Some of the most important of these elements are the title of the video, the content of the video, the elements that are added inside the video such as images and fonts, and finally the goal of the CTA advertising.

The main goals that it seeks to clarify in the declaration are varied, we mention some of them:

  • To subscribe to the YouTube channel.
  • Follow the page of the Facebook platform Facebook Page.
  • Visit the Visit Website.
  • Visit the headquarters or branches.
  • Shop now and learn about more offers and products.
  • Call the numbers for booking or request more details.

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