The 10 best types of talking parrot in the world

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The types of talking parrots have many different forms, and this is what makes them the destination of many bird lovers worldwide, where the parrot has distinctive qualities that cause the amazement of man in the creation of Allah Almighty, and through our topic,

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Types of talking Parrots
The parrot is classified as one of the most beautiful birds that have various and different qualities, and that is what makes it the focus of surprise and admiration of humans, and one of the most abilities it possesses is to imitate human voices in a strange way, and this is one of the miracles granted by Allah-the Almighty – to this type of bird.

Scientists have explained this great secret in that God has created types of neurons in the cortex surrounding the vocal Center in the parrot’s brain, which, in turn, play an important role in helping the parrot learn sounds and easily master them. the most famous types of talking parrots include:

1-African gray parrot

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It is called by many different names, among which are the Cameroon Parrot and the Ghana Parrot, and it has a lot of distinctive qualities, among which is the ability to sing and express emotions, as it can sing using a word rate ranging from 200 to 400 words.

In the event that he is subjected to episodes of singing training, he can sing with a number of up to 1000 words, it is worth noting that his average age is up to 50 years, and according to the experiences of others, he can pronounce only after completing his first year.

It belongs to the types of talking parrots that are higher in price than normal, where the cost may range from 1000 to 4000 dollars, and the price is determined according to the place where he lives.

2. yellow-crowned parakeet
There are many types of talking parrots, and one of the most famous is the Yellow-nipped Amazon because it has a great ability to speak fluently, besides having a great deal of intelligence that makes it able to master the intonations of others in a precise way that makes the human element in a state of stupor.

It is one of the types of parrots that can sing, but it needs to make some effort to become social with the human element, and you can get it at a price that may range from 1200 to 2500 dollars, depending on the area where it lives.

3-Amazon yellow-spotted parrot

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The most famous parrot species that prefers to sing as long as possible, and it also has a great deal of intelligence, so it is one of the most important species that is easy to deal with the human element, besides it is a high-priced species, ranging from 1500 dollars to 3000 dollars.

4-monk parakeet
The most colorful parrot species, which is characterized by its great love for the human element, also has a great deal of intelligence, which has resulted in an increase in the degrees of intimacy and presence among them, it is one of the types of social birds that feel happy when dealing with others.

It is also one of the types that has a large amount of vocabulary, as it can speak at a word rate of 40 to 100 words, and its voice is one of the loud and easily recognizable sounds, and you can get it at a price of up to 700 US dollars, and it is worth noting that its average age may reach 30 years.

5-Macaw parrot
This type of talking parrot has a great deal of intelligence that makes it able to act and think about many things, as its intelligence is equivalent to that of a four-year-old child, besides it has a strong memory, it is able to remember all the bad transactions that it was subjected to.

6. Lord Derby’s parrot
If you are looking for the most species of talking parrot that has the perfect skills, it is one of the rare species globally, so it appears as a large size, it does not have a large amount of vocabulary in its language dictionary, but it has a wonderful and distinctive voice that reflects on the loud and lively naturalness.

The average lifespan of a parrot reaches about 40 years, and its price reaches 1500 US dollars, and it is worth noting that it is a rather cheap species, perhaps because it needs intensive training in order to become a good speaker.

7-Indian round-necked parrot
One of the smartest types of parrot that can master talking with the human element without training, but in case he has been trained he can continue to talk to you all day while at home.

It has a small size, which makes it easy to carry it in many different places through a small cage, and it is worth noting that it has a tone of voice that is not similar to the human element, but it is a completely low growl, and it has a large amount of vocabulary.

It is one of the types eaten by many, as it can be obtained at a price ranging from 200 to 300 dollars, but in this case, if it is of rare colors, its price may reach 1200 dollars.

The price is determined according to the intelligence and the speed of his learning of vocabulary and sentences, and he initially uses some simple words in pronunciation, which makes him one of the best types of talking parrot.

8-Eclectus parrot

If you are looking for a wonderful companion for you in life, it is one of the best types of talking parrot that gets used to the human race very quickly and therefore has the ability to stimulate and repeat a large number of words, but it has a loud voice and is also talkative.

9-The Parrot of the encircled Dora
One of the types of talking parrot that has the ability to learn various tricks and acrobatic movements that make it different from other types of birds, as Allah-the Almighty – has given him the skills of learning a lot of movements, among which are picking up objects or pressing the bell.

10 – Amazon heavenly-fronted parrot
He is able to learn the skill of talking in just a couple of months, and his average age is 100 years, but males of this species have a great deal of aggressiveness towards human handling.

General information about the parrot
Besides getting to know the species of the talking parrot, there are a large number of information to get acquainted with that will help you get to know the parrot species more closely.

* The parrot cleans its body by itself, and it is also one of the bird species that prefer bathing with water and is averse to dirty places.

* He prefers to be in the forest because it is the right environment that helps him move between the trees more freely.

* It lives in warm regions and is usually found in Australia, and South or Central America.

* He is interested in eating fruits, nuts, seeds, insects, and flowers as part of his diet.

· One of the most famous species of birds that emit whistles and beautiful tweets.

* It has an arched beak that helps it easily pick up objects around it, along with strong legs that help it walk and climb from place to place easily.

· There are more than 350 species of parrot.

* Their average age reaches 80 years.

* The length of the parrot is about 8.75 CM, in the case of a small parrot, and 100 cm for a large parrot.

* The size of a parrot usually ranges from 65 grams to 1.6 kilograms.

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