Top 10 reasons to prefer the alezans, long live the redheads!

We have already told you why we love gray horses or why we prefer Appaloosa, but forget all that! We said this to put the owners of gray in the pocket … Today we owe you the truth, the real one: the alezans are the best and the most beautiful. We bring you out of the real good unbeatable and irrefutable reasons to prefer the alezans, get ready!

10. Because redheads have a soul

Enough of the bashing of the redheads, we ask for reparation! The redheads have been victims of injustices since the Middle Ages because of an urban legend as truthful as the alleged victory at Lamotte of this myth rider who does not even have a license (we all know him) … In short, in the Middle Ages, it was believed that the redheads were traitors. The people who rode the Alezan horses, we took them for first-class en***es just because they rode red horses. Today we call it racism! And then in addition, in the Middle Ages, we also believed in witches, unicorns, and enchanters … So here are two good reasons to dismantle this urban belief and prefer the alezans!

9. Prefer the alezans because it is a widespread dress

Size argument! We explain to you: preferring the alezans is much easier when you want to buy a horse! Because in addition to wanting to find the rare pearl who has € 20,000 in winnings in 120, who makes changes of feet over time, who does the dishes for you and your groceries for a symbolic euro, well … If in addition, it must be magpie gray tobiano horsehair washed with a high-heeled balzane on the left posterior, you have not come out of the sand … Whereas if you are looking for an alezan, you will easily find your ideal horse!

8. Everything suits them

Once you have bought your horse, you have to think about filling your saddlery! And there you have the choice! Black or brown leather, plain or printed textiles, EVERYTHING GOES to the alezans! Unlike the bais, their plain, warm-colored dress accepts all colors, even your disgusting pink sequined set.

7. It’s a collector’s dress!
The alezane dress is one of the oldest, it has not undergone any genetic transformation. In short, it’s a real, a true what. The black dress and the bay dress, it was the original dress that allowed the horses to camouflage themselves and therefore give a big finger to their predators. So try to camouflage your magpie in the forest, let’s have a laugh! The alezans are intelligent horses capable of developing a real defensive strategy.

6. This is the most practical dress

We’ve just told you that blacks and bais are also pioneers of authentic dress, but that’s not worth the alezans. In fact, all the other dresses are terrible. The blacks we don’t see them at night, not to mention the whites and the grays who are always covered in shit … And the bais they are a little dull with their brown poop dress! It’s not worth the flamboyant and flashy color of the alezans! At least we’re sure you’re not going to exchange them with a cat.

5. They have peculiarities almost all the time

The particularities are like the stripes of the zebras, it is the identity card of the horse! And let’s not lie to ourselves, the bais they have almost no particularities in mind (except for an old, very mainstream ball). In fact, we didn’t tell you but this article is a plea for the alezans to list because they are the best! Don’t you believe us? Try to get an alezan colt to list and we’ll talk about it again! It will bring misery to your unoriginal bay!

4. This is a reference dress

At first, there was nothing. Then there was the alezan. It is THE reference, the basis of everything! We explain ourselves: the National Stud farms classify the dresses into 4 families. First, there’s the black family and there’s nothing in it, like black and pangaré black. Then there is the basic group the bais, the Isabelles, and the mice. Yeah. And if not, there are the “others”, that’s to say how much they don’t care! And if not, there is the real family, the one that weighs mega heavy in the game and that colors the majority of horses: the alezans! In it, there are the fry, the burnt fry, and the lattes. We do not forget the washed horsehair fry, champagnes, and creams. Well yeah, it’s all about the fry, kids, it’s a big story about derived genes! And then there’s also the palomino, this dress that everyone thinks is super beautiful! Hey yeah, the palominos are alezans! So, are you convinced that we should prefer the alezans now?

3. They know how to do everything
Since it is a reference and super common dress, it can be found in all types of horses! So we have CSO horses like Flora from Mariposa, who won the Olympics with Penny! In dressage we have Bella Rose, Isabell Werth’s mare. You know, that German girl who gives up everyone’s hopes as soon as she enters a square! Well, she says that Bella Rose was not a horse but THE horse … You see if even the high priestess of dressage tells you so … And all this is only in alezans to list! Do we have to continue the list after that?

2. Simon Delestre rides practically only alezans

Cocorico! Simon Delestre is one of the best CSO riders in the world at the moment, his results crack all the elastic bands of your panties! Do you know Ryan des Hayettes and Chesall Zimequest? Hehe, the two little favorites of the Lorraine rider are also magnificent alezans! And then before he rode Napoli from the Ry (pictured). In short, Simon Delestre prefers alezans, especially those with a list!

1. It means “the beautiful”

This is THE ultimate reason to prefer the alezans. The word comes from the Spanish alazán (which actually means “alezan”, but who cares) which itself comes from the Arabic al-Hasan. And that means “the beautiful one”. The Arabs had already understood everything! They chose to enclose all the beauty of the horse in the alezane dress …! The bais cannot boast of such a prestigious etymology!

We are sure that you are ultra convinced, but that many of you will keep it to yourself and call us liars all because you are lazy to sell your bay or your gray!

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