What do cats eat other than meat ?

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What do cats eat other than meat It is considered one of the common and frequently asked questions in the minds of many cat breeding enthusiasts. Because there are some people who are not able to bring meat for cats, cook it and serve it properly. Because this may expose the cat owner to spending a lot of money on a daily basis in order to feed his cat. Therefore, it is more likely to explore some foods that cats love and is not averse to; rather, they eat them to the fullest without any obstacles.

What do cats eat other than meat?

Cats are one of the pets that need attention and then feeding them and providing them with good food provide them with permanent health and thus prolong their life. As a result, it is advisable to identify the right foods to feed cats without wasting money. And in the same vein feed her from home food that is cooked in a healthy and safe way for the health of your cat.

Cats belong to the feline family and are considered carnivorous animals of all kinds. Meanwhile, she tends to eat meat constantly and it is one of her favorite foods. Meat has many benefits for the health of cats and is a rich source of protein, on the other hand, it provides the body with the energy necessary for hyperactivity. But some cannot provide it to the cat, and as such there are many foods that replace meat and thus do not hinder digestion. In order to find out in detail about what cats eat other than meat, you should read the article to the end to preserve the life and health of your cute cat.


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Why do cats prefer to eat meat?
Meat is one of the healthy and useful foods for all animals, it is already rich in protein, which is necessary for building the body. Moreover, they have many nutritional values that give the body strength, the ability to move, and enjoy the absolute activity of the body. In other words, it is rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates, which are necessary for the body, especially for pregnant or lactating cats, because it also benefits fetuses. And most of all they improve metabolism, do not hinder digestion, and therefore do not cause any health or physical problems for the body. It is characterized by the delicious and delicious taste that the cat enjoys while chewing, and all these reasons make the cat tend to eat meat more than other foods.



What do cats eat from home food?
There are many, many foods that can be prepared at home and in the meantime be rich in various nutritional values. A breeder should compensate cats for meat with some other foods full of protein and minerals that strengthen the body. In short, what do cats eat other than meat are the following foods:

First: vegetables.
Vegetables are foods rich in fiber and minerals that facilitate the digestion and metabolism of the body. Moreover, they protect against indigestion, which is accompanied by constipation, which hinders the excretion process and thereby negatively affects the health of the cat. Most of all, they protect the body from various bacteria, fungi, and parasites and protect the body from various diseases such as anemia, amoeba, and others.

Secondly: fish.
Fish of various types promises foods full of protein and calcium, which helps build the body and improve its growth. Fish is a source of protein and Omega and helps improve activity for cats due to the energy it provides to the body. Therefore, it is one of the best alternative foods to red meat and at the lowest possible cost, but it is advisable to cook the fish before serving it to your pet.

Thirdly: potatoes and mashed potatoes.
Potatoes are one of the vegetables that are good for the body, rich in saturated fats, which work to fill the abdomen quickly. Moreover, it is rich in starches and carbohydrates, which increase the growth of the addition, you can add carrots and zucchini to it. In order to get a complete meal rich in all the various nutritional values that increase the vitality and freshness of the body.

Fourth: oat grains.
Oatmeal is one of the foods rich in starches and healthy carbohydrates, it was made from corn flour and barley flour, which contains whole grains. Moreover, it is easy to prepare, cook, and everyone can do his job without any hard effort.

Fifth: dairy products.
Milk and its derivatives are considered good food for strengthening the bones and health of cats, as it is already rich in protein and various minerals. Cats also do not refuse to eat it because it has a good taste and in the same context strengthens the body of cats and contributes to better health for them.

– All these foods are considered an alternative to buying meat and therefore emit the same nutritional value as they do. So don’t be confused anymore about what cats eat other than meat because there are many different alternatives to cat food.

How to introduce food to cats
There are some basic steps to do while serving food to your cat in order to motivate him to eat holistically without leaving any residue in the bowl. For example, you can follow these principles to perform the task without the slightest obstacles, namely the following:

How to train cats to eat

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First: the cleanliness of the container in which the food is served must be adhered to, and then disinfected and sterilized with disinfectants to maintain the health of the cat.

Secondly: follow the easy-going style and avoid yelling and violence at your cat in case of refusal of food. Cats by nature always tend to eat meat, and if we explore what cats eat other than meat, we find it difficult for cats to eat the food provided to them.

Third: Be careful to serve food at different times, which means adhering to fixed dates during the delivery of food. This is to ensure that the cat’s mind is not distracted and therefore commits to finishing his food to compensate for the lack of elements found in meat. In the same context, building the body and improving its growth through diversification in meals.

Fourth: cook different foods rich in all the various elements and nutritional values in order to extend the life span of cats. Moreover, avoid deterioration of Health in the same way (boil potatoes with carrots with zucchini and then add spinach leaves with boiled eggs to them). Indeed, these are considered one of the best meals rich in nutrients from protein, carbohydrates, starches, and natural fibers that do not impede the digestive process and improve the digestive system. In addition, it raises the immunity to avoid infection with diseases common among breeds.

Fifth: be careful to create the right atmosphere for the cat and thus avoid loud sounds during food. In order for the cat not to pay attention to what is around and such leaves the food and quickly feels full.

Sixth: it is advisable to provide dry food or dry food in addition to canned food and others at least once a week. Because dry food has a lot of nutritional values that are useful for the health of cats. Therefore, you should not avoid them in order to preserve the health of your pet from any inherited or widespread disease among cats.

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